BMW X3 × KYOTO Leather

水墨画家吉田が、普段、墨と胡粉で表現している深みがあるモノトーンの世界観を、銀箔の耀変(西陣帯箔・京友禅/KYOTO Leather)・MR漆(佐藤喜代松商店)の技術を用いて、SUVに見合う疾走感のあるデザインで表現しました。

KYOTO Leather Meeting 2018 at Nijo Castle

Since we started our business in 2015, we are very happy to announce you our first private event “KYOTO Leather Meeting 2018 ~Japan Premium Leather & Traditional Craftsmanship~” at Nijo Castle ,the world heritage in Kyoto on March 3rd, 4th 2018. At this event, we will show our beautiful leather and many products collaborating with famous Japanese brands and companies. ・Akio Hirata OHKO( ・SCOTCHGRAIN( ・FUJITAKA( and more… I hope you will be able to attend our event and experience our leather world born in KYOTO. Date:       March 3rd (Sat) – 4th(Sun), 2018 Time:       9:00-17:00 Venue:      Nijo Castle, KYOTO (541, nijo-jo-cho, nakagyo-ku, kyoto, Japan 604-8301) Cosponsorship:  Ministry of economy,…