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Kyoto Leather
Meeting TOKYO
Japan Premium Leather & Traditional Craftsmanship

December 2019
KYOTO Leather Project

At the KYOTO Leather Project, tanners from Himeji, one of Japan’s leading leather production areas, and craftsmen from Traditional Crafts in Kyoto have joined together to exhibit at the World’s Best Fashion Materials Trade Fair in France. We have proposed beautiful leather from Japan for the world’s wealthy people.

In 2018, we have steadily conducted various PR activities, such as holding exhibitions at Nijo Castle in Kyoto, a World Heritage Site, and are increasingly adopting leather materials and leather products at famous brands in Japan and overseas.

In order to further promote the goodness of Japan leather, we have decided to hold an exhibition focusing on leather materials in Nihonbashi, a key point of transportation since ancient times. The venue was L’ESPACE of the French Chamber of Commerce in Japan. We will work with French companies, which are renowned for their high-quality leather items, to raise awareness of Japanese leather brands.

In addition to the original leather of KYOTO Leather, in addition to various eco-leathers by Japan Premium Leather and Himeji tanners produced by the project, The museum also exhibits leatherfrom famous European tanners, and will also make efforts to experience the differences between Materials from Japan and Europe.

At the venue, we will demonstrate traditional techniques by Kyoto artisans and exhibit some items using these materials, and also disseminate charmthats that cannot be conveyed by materials alone.

Outline of the event

Thursday, January 16, 2020, 13:00-19:00
January 17 (Fri) 10:00-17:00

Location: French Chamber of Commerce in Japan L’ESPACE
103-0023 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2-2-2 Nihonbashi-Honcho YS Building 1F

Organized by: KYOTO Leather Meeting Executive Committee

Supported by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Kyoto City, Himeji City, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry

KYOTO Leather Project

Person in charge: Tajiri(TEL:075-222-0808, Mail