KYOTO Leather Meeting 2018 at Nijo Castle

Since we started our business in 2015, we are very happy to announce you our first private event “KYOTO Leather Meeting 2018 ~Japan Premium Leather & Traditional Craftsmanship~” at Nijo Castle ,the world heritage in Kyoto on March 3rd, 4th 2018. At this event, we will show our beautiful leather and many products collaborating with famous Japanese brands and companies. ・Akio Hirata OHKO( ・SCOTCHGRAIN( ・FUJITAKA( and more… I hope you will be able to attend our event and experience our leather world born in KYOTO. Date:       March 3rd (Sat) – 4th(Sun), 2018 Time:       9:00-17:00 Venue:      Nijo Castle, KYOTO (541, nijo-jo-cho, nakagyo-ku, kyoto, Japan 604-8301) Cosponsorship:  Ministry of economy,…

Premiere Vision 2017 Feb Edition

This year we will continue to continue to exhibit Premiere Vision LEATHER for  the third time since last year, the world’s best fashion and material fair to be held in Paris, France from February 7th to 9th . The famous Maison in Europe will be visiting the exhibition at the Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall, where Paris · Charles de Gaulle airport is near, Maison · E · Obje etc is also held. At this exhibition, we will propose domestic cattle leather material with more refined color, pattern and finish, which is one of the first exhibits, Kyoto Yuzen · Nishijin weave and other traditional crafts in Kyoto. Please enjoy shrink…

LA TEXTILE Exhibition in L.A.

この度、2016年9月26日から28日にロサンゼルスで開催されるLA TEXTILE internashonal textileshow へ出展をすることになりましたので、皆様にお知らせいたします。 本展示会では、2月のPV展示会で初披露した「KYOTO Leather」の「GENJIシリーズ」の新しい柄を発表するとともに、「RANGIKU」をはじめとする「SUMI NAGASHI」「MODERN CLASSIC」各シリーズにも新柄・新カラーを追加発表させていただきます。 また、今回は新シリーズとして西陣の帯箔の技術を活用した「GOLD LEAF」シリーズを新たに追加し、京友禅・西陣織をはじめとする、京都の伝統工芸の粋を新たにご提案致します。

First solo exhibition at KYOTO

Thank you for coming to our premiere vision event on februaly. We will held a first solo exhibition at KYOTO next week. This is our first presentation time in Japan. We will exhibit our first collection we showed at Premiere Vision PARIS 2017 S/S. Also, we will make a presentation our Japanese Traditional Crafts Collections at this event. Please contact us( for further details if necessary, Exhibition date: 15-16, April, 2016 ※held a reception on 15, Apr. Place: Kyoto International Manga Museum Thanks,