Techniques of Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship

KYO-YUZEN dyeing— hand dyeing

Deep feeling of hand dyeing

The leather is printed by experienced craftsmen one by one ,precisely superimposing screens.Many years of experience makes it possible to print the leather.It represents natural feeling of leather that pigments printing could not express.

Silk Screen Dyeing

Steaming Process

Feature of the printing is “High Temperature steaming” that improves color development.Highly adjusted leather “HIMEKAWA YUZEN” make it possible.

Steaming Process


Everything is unique

It is said that the beginning of “Sumi-Nagashi” is in HEIAN era ( More than 1000years ago), the court people pour the “SUMI” into the water. The techniques has been used for wash paper and “Kimono” for many years. Now, it becomes KYOTO Leather.
“Sumi Nagashi” has a saying that “Let troubles be bygones.” and Japanese think it as a lucky designs. The design itself is everything unique and people called as “Ultimate Design”

Sumi Nagashi - The marbling

Nishi-Jin Ori Weaving — Gold and Silver leaf

Solidity and Density

Gold and Silver leaf design techniques has been used for “NISHI-JIN ORI” weaving for many years.

By putting the gold leaf repeatedly with colorful paintings, it becomes a unique design.

The surface is thin and smooth but it has the touch of the original materials.

伝統工芸 - 引箔 Gold and silver leaf  kyoto leather

Natural Color Dyeing

Beautiful colors that only natural ingredients can achieve.

Since long time ago, Japanese has used many natural materials such as indigo, sandal wood, cherry blossoms etc..

KYOTO Leather respect such natural ingredients to unlocking the full potential of natural materials “Leather”.

KYOTO Leather Spring
Spring - HARU -